CVFiber Seeks Project Management Services

CVFiber is seeking to contract with a multi-talentedindividual or firm who can oversee the utility poleinventory, design, engineering, and construction of ourfiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) projects in 20 central Vermontcommunities. In this role, the Project Manager will answerto the CVFiber Board, as well as to its Executive Committee,and Planning and Development Committee….

CVFiber Winter Update 2020-2021

When Will CVFiber Start Providing High Speed Broadband Services in Central Vermont? CVFiber’s most frequently asked question is, “when can I get high speed Internet service?” We are happy to announce that we have started the first project leading to this. CVFiber issued an RFP for Pole Data Collection earlier…

Pole Inventory Services RFP

Announcement CVFiber Issues Poles Inventory Services RFP CVFiber is seeking companies that perform pole data inventory services.  Pole data inventory is the first step in the construction and operation of the CVFiber broadband network for its twenty-member communities – their residents, businesses, and government agencies. The CVFiber district has more…