CVFiber Releases Community Survey Results

In the second-half of 2019 into early 2020, CVFiber conducted an 18-community survey asking community-members about their ability to purchase Internet connections as well as their experiences with their Internet providers.

Through the survey CVFiber collected valuable information on a wide variety of topics to help guide its high-speed broadband feasibility and business planning.

The survey was made available to households mostly through postings in each community’s Front Porch Forum starting in June 2019. The survey responses compiled below are based on all responses through January 24, 2019. The response rates varied dramatically from community to community. Some of the variation on the return is based on the level of interest (with their being some self-selection bias due to people with poor Internet being more motivated to take such a survey) and level of outreach each community’s CVFiber Delegate did. This method is not the perfect survey but does provide tremendous insights into our community’s interests and their current practices.

Summary Survey Responses by Community

The table below summarizes the number of responses and percent of residential premises for each community. There were six communities with greater that an 15% return rate. If response rate is one measure of the level of interest Cabot, Calais, Middlesex, Moretown, Plainfield and Worcester met this return rate. These communities also need higher speed broadband. It may also mean these communities are desperate for improved broadband speeds.

CommunityTotal Residential PremisesSurvey Responses% of Residences
Barre City2,58190.3%
Barre Town3,125371.2%
East Montpelier1,06613112.3%

A more detailed breakdown of a number of the questions we asked across all communities can be found here.

More Detailed Reports by Town

Below, you will find more details reports for each town where the report has been assembled. As of this writing, not all communities have been assembled and those without links will be added as they are compiled.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local CVFiber delegate.