Author: Linda Gravell

New Run, Lashing Fiber

New Run, Lashing Fiber

CVFiber construction has begun. The Eustis crew in 1st Gear lashing fiber to strand that had already been installed. It’s a a job that requires patience, meticulousness and safety consciousness.

CVFiber Seeks a Treasurer

THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. The CVFiber Board is looking to appoint a Treasurer at its June 14th Board meeting.  The Treasurer is an officer of CVFiber, has a stipend of $1,000 a month, and has the duties as described in Title 30, Chapter 82, Section 3069 including: working with…

Batchelder Associates

CVFiber has contracted with the woman-owned firm of Batchelder Associates in Barre to provide accounting services. Engaging an accounting firm is one more step in establishing a professional organization to develop and operate a $50 million network on behalf of the 55,000 plus residents in the 21-community CVFiber district.

Vantage Point Solutions Inc

CVFiber has engaged Vantage Point Solutions, Inc to develop a high-level design for the non-WEC portion of its CVFiber Community Network of approximately 700 miles in the CVFiber District.  The intent of engaging VPS is to ensure that there is a holistic design for the entire District, that it is…

Vantage Point Solutions

Washington Electric Cooperative (WEC), together with three municipal Communication Union Districts (CUDs), CVFiber, ECFiber, and NEK Broadband, have engaged Vantage Point Solutions, Inc to develop a high-level design for a Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP) network for the approximately 850 miles of WEC distribution territory in the three CUDs. It is estimated that…

Project Manager Services

CVFiber has hired Jerry Diamantides of Berlin as project manager. Jerry has been serving as CVFiber’s Treasurer and is a former member of the governing board. He has 25 years of national consulting experience with David Miller & Associates, Inc in construction planning, project evaluation, and project management. Given his…